Compact Studio

My compact studio is a complete digital ‘studio’ that was created to be able to play music while the children are asleep. Again everything is connected by Behringer with the P16 system at the core – and a Roland TD-30 digital drum.

In this studio the heart connecting it all is the Behringer PowerPlay P16I – which allows 16 analogue channels to be connected to the same P16 IEM system as used in my full studio with separate ‘gain staging’ on each input.

In addition I use a Behringer Xenyx 1202. Two vocal mics (Shure SM58) are connected to it – as well as the mic for the Meinl Cajun. By panning the vocal mics hard left and hard right I can transfer them via the mains out to the P16I as two seperate channels again. The mic for the Cajun is not being send to main, but only to FX and the FX output is again connected to the P16I. Maybe in the future I’ll switch to simply using XLR to jack cables from the mics directly to the P16I – thus eliminating another unnecessary power source and some cables.

The digital drum also acts as a sound card for the laptop. Luckily the Roland TD-30 allows me to split the drum sounds and the laptop’s sounds to seperate channels via the available outputs. So I have 2 channels (stereo) for all the drum sounds to the P16I and 2 channels (stereo) for the music coming from the laptop.

If I don’t want to use my in-ears (Shure SE535), my own P16-M is connected via it’s output to a Behringer F1320D monitor.

For the guitars a Tech21 Fly Rig PL-1 (Paul Landers – Rammstein signature) is being used and a Hotone Ravo.

As recording interface I use a Behringer Firepower FCA1616.