At the moment I’m not endorsed by any company or whatsoever.

However I’m open for the following endorsements:

  • Shure
    • Vocal microphones
    • Wireless packs
    • In-ears (SE535 or SE846)
  • Sennheiser
    • Drum mics
  • Roland
    • Digital Drums and percussion, triggers, keys
  • DW Drums
    • Drums, hardware, pedals, …
    • All but the actual rack, because I prefer a square rack to prevent kreeping holders.
  • Remo
    • Drum heads
  • Vic Firth
    • Sticks
  • Behringer
    • All studio gear

I will only do endorsements for the companies and products I actually use, need and believe in.
So not just to be an advertisement for new products, but only for the products I use so I can really stand behind the decision to use them!