For some time now I have been playing with the idea to make an art photography picture book. The inspiration came from the fact that most of such art books I find rather crude or even vulgar… So the idea is to create sensual, yet tastefull pictures – from lingerie up to (semi-) nudes – of moms. Why moms? Because being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be one hell of woman. So why not put that in the picture for once?

Each section/chapter in the book would be dedicated to one mom with a small introduction and some information about them. Most of the pictures would be taken at their respective homes (dormer, kitchen, bedroom, garden, …) – with just a few studio shots where needed.

If possible I’d like to have a well-known personality in the book as well.

If there’s not enough interest from publishers (please read this, teNeues ;-)) I’d make the book digital only.

This book will contain only Belgian people.

About the title

Given the fact that moms would be the subject of the book, the term MILF (you know what I mean ;-)) wasn’t a long shot. However I don’t want to use it in this demeaning context! But the truth is that a shocking/provocative title will attract more attention and more chance at a second look and maybe a buy.

The subtitle will clarify this: Mom Is Looking Fabulous – which is the new meaning we give to MILF.

About the book

In my mind I already have a clear picture of how the book would look like. The size would be about 23 x 30 centimeters. Hard cover. The book will be slid into a hard cartboard case. The MILF title will be punched out of this book, so you can see the front cover of the book true the letters – already teasing the possible reader.

The subtitle will be impressed in this cartboard case with gold foil.

Just to clarify: the idea did come with moms in mind and that led up to the title. Not the other way around!