Music was always a large part of my life, but foremost on the receiving end. And the heavier the genre the more I liked it!

It started even before I realised who the musicians were or the genres. I loved a cassette tape a received from a guy in my street. It was only years later I realised it was the album Master of Puppets by Metallica. Shame on me!

First I was very much into Hardcore music (Thunderdome etc). Then one day MTV was playing on the TV in my room and there was this heavy sounding music with an incredible video – containing a stunning Snowwhite! Rings any bell?! Sonny by Rammstein ofcourse!

From Rammstein I expanded my metal knowledge back to Metallica and then onwards to Nightwish. From there on things only got worse: Soulfly, Slayer, Cavalera Conspiracy, Distrubed, Lamb of God…

So I started going to a lot of concerts and enjoying music evenmore. And eventually came the craving to be able to create that music myself!!!

My first steps – at the age of 17 already – were with a guitar. But having ADHD fine precision isn’t my strong point, so things weren’t going great. And then I discovered the drums! I fell in love immediately!!!

FYI: I can barely read sheet music!

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